My name is Carol Salisbury and this is my little dog Taffy! She is one of the joys that the Lord has blessed me with in my life. She's a little camera shy which is why I'm holding her head to face the camera. I'm not really trying to strangle
her :-) ... I found her in my local shelter after searching for my perfect match for over a year. It certainly was well worth the wait because she is perfect! Well, almost... but that's a different story!

Currently I live in Southern California in the good old USA. I have been involved in Network Marketing for over 35 years (boy, that's a l-o-n-g time!) with lots of different companies ... You name it and I've tried it! Tupperware (8 years in that one and very successful but got burned out), Herbalife (twice... because the products are so great, can you believe it?), Cyberwise, Royal Products, NEFX, Music Forte, Recipe Club (who knows why I did that one... I don't even enjoy cooking!), 4Life Research, Excel, Gano, Isagenix, Legacy for Life, Pre-Paid Legal, NSA (hey, anyone need a water filter? I still have some after 15 years!), Prostep, Coral Calcium, Sunrider, Tahitian Noni, just to name a few... and others that are no longer around. I'm sure I've forgotten some of them as well!

I also owned a Dance Studio for 20 years with my business partner, Barbara Vera, where I taught 6 days a week... choreographed, directed, and produced huge dance concerts and musicals each year.  I love teaching and working with students to help them be the best they can be, but owning your own small business is NOT a joy... it is a MILLSTONE around your neck.  We lost our lease in 2001 so we no longer have that business, but I still teach 1-2 days a week for another studio where I can just enjoy the perks and not have to deal with all of the headaches of "owning your own business".

Since 2001 I have been doing full time Network Marketing... but still not having the "dream income" of a six figure income earner. And I have to tell you a secret... I really don't want to sell and recruit for the rest of my life to have a residual income...  Do you???

I wanted to be involved in something that...

  • Has passive income
  • Pretty much "runs itself "
  • Didn't take a lot of money to
    get started

  • Didn't take a lot of time away from
    the other things in my life, like...

--  God & church activities
--  My family and friends
--  Paying it Forward
--  Helping others to help themselves
  • Has passive income (hmmmmm... did I already say that?)

So I started looking for THE ultimate company!  Now I know this is going to be hard to believe, but I FOUND IT!!! This is amazing... I actually found more than one! And, one of them carries Donald Trump's endorsement!

My goal in life is to be able to bring my best friend home from a nursing home so she can have a better quality of life. I am now looking at "family compound" properties and figuring out the cost of caregivers, etc. for her. I'm so excited! I can hardly sleep and I am smiling ALL THE TIME!!!

Now I no longer have to worry about my future and what life holds for me! I have so many plans of ways I can give back to my community and the world... things I had always dreamed of but always seemed so far out of my reach. Some of them are already underway! It's so exciting! Every day I thank God for these companies and all the blessings that He is bringing into my life.

Welcome to my world of "Paying It Forward"! If you aren't sure what that means, I highly encourage you to rent the movie "Pay It Forward"... you'll be glad you did! It could change your perspective on life!

Just put on your best smile, start thinking of others and you can change the world!
Be sure to check out the other links on my website... lots of free stuff for you to use for your personal use, business use, marketing campaigns, animations and more on the way! Bookmark this page and check back often!
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