Post-It-Notes are not a bad idea, and I still use them. However, since most of us use computers, I decided to create a program that used computer technology to help us to stay focused. One that was very simple, but powerful. One that constantly reminds us of our intention. It’s sole purpose is to keep us focused on what we want instead of what we don’t want.  The more we  focus on our intention, the faster we activate the Rapid Manifestation process.

The Dynamic Power of the INTENTION ACTIVATOR

The Intention Activator is designed to keep your ATTENTION on your INTENTION. This is done by installing a small scrolling marquee on the very top of your computer “Desktop”.

The program continuously displays your "intention statements" on your Desktop…leaving your other applications undisturbed. It runs along the top of your screen .…causing you to automatically…and effortlessly focus on them. Anytime your Desktop is displayed, the scrolling marquee reminds you of your intentions. It keeps you focused on what you want and increases your motivation and desire to make it happen. If you are using another program you can either shut it off, or just leave it running in the background.

The Intention Activator comes with sample "intention statements". However, you can create your own database by typing in your own intentions and determining which ones you want to work on NOW.

As you add new ones they are saved to the Intention Activator database so you can view them at any time. Your intention statements will prove priceless when it comes to remaining focused on exactly what you are seeking to accomplish and attract into your life.

The intention statements scroll by to remind you to focus on what you desire. Even if you only glance at them a few times a day, your subconscious gets the idea that this is what you really want.

Why? Because your subconscious doesn’t miss a trick. Whatever you give your dominate attention to, you create more of the same thing.

As you are working or playing at your computer, you’ll find yourself occasionally glancing up at the scrolling intention statements on your screen. Your unconscious mind sees these and activates them with no effort whatsoever on your part.

Positive Results in Record Time...

Rapid Manifestation and the Secret of Deliberate Creation works from the inside-out. You do not need anything else. But with the Intention Activator you can also work from the outside-in to have more dramatic and powerful results. 

Once you see your desired reality manifesting before your very eyes, you'll never want to go back to waiting for things to happen. Instead of just letting yourself get tossed and turned by the uncertain waves of circumstance, you can take charge of your fate and your destiny.

So WHAT do YOU want in life...
and WHEN do YOU want it?

If you were to ask me, "What is the single most important skill to success in life?" -- I would tell you, without a doubt -- it's the ability to turn your desires into reality.  Now, it's time for you to act on those desires.

What Would It Be Worth To You?

What would it be worth to get your hands on this state-of-the-art manifesting software program? Can you even put a price tag on something this useful?

This remarkable software program sells separately for $49.95. It will go back to that price after this special promotion. However for this month, I am including it as a SPECIAL ADDITIONAL BONUS with the Rapid Manifestation and Secret of Deliberate Creation program.           
"The Intention Activator"

"A Revolutionary Tool That Lets You Effortlessly
Break Bad Habits, Permanently Destroy Limiting Beliefs,
and Attract Exactly What You Want"
Over the years, in addition to using the inner process of Rapid Manifestation and the Secret of Deliberate Creation, I have also used an outer process to remind myself of my intention. The way I did this was to use “Post-It -Notes”. I would write down my intention and stick it somewhere near where I spent most of my time – which was my computer. This served as a conscious reminder to stay focused.
Easy Set-Up – The Intention Activator software program is easy to set up. A couple of clicks and you are up and running. It’s also cool and fun to play with!! (Please note the Intention Activator only runs on a Microsoft Windows operating system. We do not have a MAC version available at this time).

Complete Control – Control how it appears on your computer Desktop. The Intention Activator will install an icon on your computer Desktop so all you have to do it click on it anytime you want to start the program.  You can set the speed in which you intention statements scroll across the top of your screen.

Intention Activator Database – Comes with sample "intention statements". The real power is in entering your own statements in to the Intention Activator Database.

"The Power of Intention" e-Book – In ADDITION to the Total Success E-book Package, I am including a new e-book titled "The Power of Intention".  It will show you how to construct your intention statements so that you get the best possible results.

The Law of Attraction will begin to activate as soon as you start to use this program.

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The Intention Activator is a powerful life-changing tool that can help you to make things happen NOW! as little as a few days or weeks, you could begin magnetizing the life you've always dreamed of. Imagine the circumstances in your life changing for the better – forever, all because you decided to take action NOW and follow through.

These powerful tools can give you the life you want and deserve. They will put you on course faster than you ever thought possible.

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