Hey, I'm looking for MORE friends
for Taffy! Are you in or are you out?
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Yep, I'm one of Taffy's Friends too!
Belongs to Luella May
Belongs to
Kenneth McPherson

Belongs to
Ana Maria Padurean
Belongs to Jeri Marsh
Belongs to Claude Gagne
Belongs to Barbara Vera
I don't know who this dog belongs to but he sure made me laugh!
"Big T"
This "Menagerie of 4" Belongs to Lynda Winningstad
Belongs to
Krista Steinhoff 
"Juice Box"
Belongs to
Beryl Hesek
"Mom & Taffy"
"Shiloh & Cricket"
This "Menagerie of 6" Belongs to Katherine McCrea
    From Puppy to
        Adult Fur Baby
Belongs to Isabella Vreeken
Belongs to Bob Gaetz
If you have "babies" that you'd like to see on this page, please send their pic, your name and your business link to me at bizconsultant@earthlink.net


Belongs to Larry Anderson
"Miss Wannabe WagYourTail Baby"
email me
Belongs to Maud Spooner
and Calen & Julie Darnel
Belongs to Denise Babbit
All 4 Fur Babies Belong to Linda Miller
"Precious", who is blind
"Buddy", seeing eye dog for "Precious"
"Thirio as a young guy"
"Thirio as an adult"
All 4 Fur Babies Belong to Tina Brown
Unknown pups, just too cute!
Thanks for sharing Cheryl!
Debby Cantlon of Seattle, WA, nurses Finnegan, an injured newborn baby squirrel...
... Her pregnant Papillon dog took a definite liking to Finnegan...
... and brought him right into her litter after she gave birth! This is an amazing story that's been all over the news.
Taffy's Friends are the Best!
Belongs to
Chris Mayes
Belongs to
Ellyn George
Belongs to
Scott Evans
Belongs to
Robert Coaster
"Buddy Max"
Belongs to
Kathy Clouse
Belongs to
Susanna Patrick
Belongs to
Lynette Lobato
Belongs to
Alexandra McAllister
"I'm Growing Up!"
Belongs to
Sue Michaud
Ah-h-h, if only they really could do this for themselves!
Thanks for the tip, Lacy Stalnaker!
Yep, this is what
I'll do if I get out!
Or maybe I'll do this... either way I can get hurt!
Belongs to
Pauline Lutes
with Diamonds for Eyes!
"Faith"... The Absolutely
Amazing Biped Dog!
Watch her Video from
The Montel Show!
Belongs to
Jeanne Tyo
Unknown mouse...
Getting Ready for the Day!
Belongs to
Jill Bachman
This One Just
Sneaked In Here!
He thinks it's Halloween!
Gosh, I had to let this Cat in here too! Just 'cause he's wearing Scottish Plaid and I'm Scottish!
"Really Scary"
This One KNOWS it's Halloween!
"Rex", 2 years old, & "Minnie", 8 weeks old
Linda Collmar's