Maybe you’d like to be able to work at home like my Mom does, so I’m going to let you in on some of her best Internet businesses. She used to do network marketing for a long time but she never had time to enjoy life… she was always making phone calls trying to “recruit” people or sell stuff.

Now she doesn’t have to do that anymore! Most of her new businesses are “passive” so she’s not tied down to her computer or a regular job.  Even my Auntie Barbara, who is now hospitalized with a severe stroke, has a residual income that grows bigger every month! We pay for her insurance premium and other stuff to make her life easier.

Now my Mom has lots of free time for ME... and for her friends too, of course!  I really like that! :-)))  Be sure to check out "Mom's Hot Stuff" below...


                                         Then she had to have her friend Barbara bring her dog, Suzy,
                                         to meet me because I would be seeing a lot of them. They had
                                         to make sure I would get along with Suzy and not fight (who,
                                         me? Never!)  That was really funny… 2 dog handlers walked
                                         us around and around in a big circle until we got close to each
I also like to run like a crazy dog! I run around this big coffee table and then up the stairs to the landing, turn around and come back. I keep
doing this figure 8 thing over and over again, going faster
and faster until I lay down out of breath!  Mommy says I
look like I’m running lying on my side when I go around
the table because I’m going so fast!  Wish I could see
myself so I could laugh too!
She’s got a basket for me under her desk.  Sometimes I go there and just look up at
                                        her or curl up into a little ball and go to sleep. My favorite
                                        sleeping place is under the bed and Mommy calls me a cave
                                        dog because I sleep there at night too!

                                        Just about the only time I’m not with her is when she goes to
                                        church, the store or out with her friends to a “people” place. I like her to leave the front door open so I can watch through the security screen door for her to come home.
Well, they accepted my Mom’s contract and the only thing left was for me to go to the SPCA Vet to get my health checkup, get spayed and get my microchip. I was a little scared but I slept through everything! The next day I could go home with my new Mommy!

When we got home the first thing she did was teach me how to go in and out the doggie door and not be afraid of it. Now, that’s cool! I can go outside and go potty anytime I want to (or dig in the dirt even though I’m not supposed to … but it’s so-o-o much fun!).  She says I'm an Angel so I have to do my best to act like one! :-)

She always tells people how smart I am because I have never
gone potty in the house!  Well,  except for that one time when
these guys were sandblasting the neighbor’s house and it was
so loud and scary and… well, my Mommy understood so I
didn’t get into too much trouble. :-)

Life is just so great now!  I like staying right near my Mommy…
she works at home, you know, and she has a really big bedroom
with her office on one side of the room.  When I lie on top of the
bed just right, I can watch what she does on the computer :-) …
that’s how I learned how to make this webpage!
Finally, she told me she was going to be my Mommy and I just wanted to be in her arms and give her kisses! My New Mommy could see the
                                             handler outside through the window laughing and
                                             calling other people over to come and look at us!
                                             When my Mommy got out of the room she asked
                                             everyone why they were laughing. They said, “You
                                             know how they say dogs and their owners look
                                             alike? Well, you guys fit the bill!” Then we were all
                                             laughing!  Must be the curls … hehehe...
                            had a bath and talk about a bad hair day … my tangles had tangles …
                            I knew I looked just plain ugly and nobody wanted me and... and…
                            well, you get the picture!

But you know what?  The lady liked me anyway! Can you believe it?  Didn’t see her again for a week cause they had picked me up off the streets and made me wait 2 weeks to see if my first owner would come and find me... they never showed up.
Boy, that was a long wait in doggie time!  And then…
Yahoo!  I got a BATH!  Still a little scraggly looking
cause they haphazardly chopped off my mats but
I sure felt pretty!

After my bath, they gave me a new pen in the Adoption
section .  WOW, suddenly the doors opened and there
she was… “the lady with the curly hair!”  I was so EXCITED to see her.  I just couldn’t keep from leaping and jumping around.   They let me go out on the grass and play ball with her!  For real, that was way cool!  After a while I went back to my cage and she went into the building. I didn’t understand why she left then, but I found out later that the SPCA is VERY picky about new owners. This is what she told me…

First she had to fill out a contract.  She had to promise that if for any reason within the next year she couldn’t keep me anymore she would bring me back to them… Can you believe it? As if she would ever bring ME back! :-)))
"The Real Taffy"
email me
Hi Everyone! My name is Taffy and I’m a female Cockapoo.
I’m told I was born around July 17, 2004.  Welcome to my
website! My mom is asleep and she doesn’t know I’m on
her computer making this webpage :-)  So please, if you
have to woof, do it quietly, OK? Thanks!
I know that’s not me on the computer, but you get the idea, right?                              
I want to tell you how my Mommy found me… I was only  8 months old, somehow I got away from my first home and don’t remember how…  I had to look for food and water all the time and I was a mess… dirty and full of big ugly mats and tangles. Gosh, it was depressing... but one day this nice man found me, put me in his truck and took me to where he works called the SPCA.
It was pretty nice…  I had my own pen, food, water and it was safe and warm.  Was a bit on the loud side with all those mutts yapping all the time … just couldn’t get any decent sleep and it’s hard to cuddle up on a cold cement floor.  All in all it wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t run and play. They didn’t even put anyone else in my cage … Thought I was too aggressive… me? No way!  I just like to wrestle!

I wasn’t there long when a lady with curls like mine stopped to talk and pet me, but I was so depressed I didn’t even care. After all I was a Princess in disguise… I hadn’t
other and then they let us play… Boy, was that fun!  So
who do you think was aggressive … Nope, not me …
Aw shucks, I’m bigger so I let her get away with it …

Then she had to bring her roommate and her roommate’s
daughter down to meet me and see how we got along
while they watched.  Well I passed all the tests. 
Mom says she loves me so much because I make her LOL (you know, “laugh out loud”).  I like to play with my rawhide chewies and toys by throwing them up in the
                                                 air, trying to catch them and rolling on them over and over
                                                 again! Oh, I love toys that squeak! Sometimes I squeak
                                                 them REALLY LOUD and sometimes I just like to barely
                                                 squeeze them for these little tiny squeaks!
My Mom takes me to the doggie store to buy me lots of toys,
chewies and treats.  Sometimes she takes me to “get pretty”
where I get to see Steve the groomer!  (Boy, I just HATE to look
at the camera, don't I?)
Best of all … she takes me to see Auntie Barbara and my best
friend (her doggie) Suzy every week.  Suzy and I are like sisters
                                            and we’re the same age … And guess what? Auntie Barbara
                                            rescued Suzy at the same place I was rescued.  And here’s
                                            the fun part …  While they watch TV and talk … we play tug
                                            of war with Suzy’s toys, wrestle, and chase each other
                                            everywhere all around Auntie
                                            Barbara’s house. We even go
                                            out the doggie window into the
back yard.  Sometimes we get in trouble barking at the
people going by or making too much noise running on
the wood floors.  Sometimes we sound like a herd of
elephants! But they love us anyway and I just love my
friend Suzy!  

Actually, I have an update about Auntie Barbara and Suzy.
I didn't want to delete the paragraph I wrote above because
those times were so much fun. But Auntie Barbara had a massive stroke after a surgery 3-29-06, is now paralyzed and is only able to say the word "one". My Mom goes to visit her 3-4 times a week, takes cards to her that our friends send to her, sings and reads to her. Suzy now lives with us which is a good thing because it keeps Suzy from being sad.  Now we get to play together all the time!

My Mom has made all these great friends on the Internet and a lot of them have sent me pictures of their fur babies so you can see them at "Taffy's Friends" below and you can see where their Internet home is! If you have a picture of your fur baby, send it to my Mommy at and she’ll put it on my page for you!  

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