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A Kindom exists
Beyond The Mountain of Thought
And there lives
A Poet and a Princess


Calm all matters of the mind.
Let your Earthly cares and troubles go;
And thus
The Kingdom of Life
Unfolds before you...
Imagine that you could earn  ---  $100 - $1000; $10,000 - $100,000 or $1 Million simply by GIVING a beautiful Gift Book to someone and not worrying or wondering if that person will ever buy anything from you or not. 

Well, you can.  And it all starts with the easiest thing in the world – a sincere desire to GIVE something of value to another person - simply by caring enough to reach out and HELP a friend or stranger with ONE True Act of KINDNESS.

Treasures is a profound adventure into the never-ending rewards awaiting each of us when we learn to give of ourself to others, awaken the powerful Spirit that WE ARE and make welcome our own "Purpose" in Life.  Our own dreams!

And if it is your desire, your personal journey to true wealth and greater well being begins now.

Grow wealthy and wise with it, share it freely with friends and loved ones the world over.  And, may every person The Poet and the Princess touches in your life grow more prosperous right along with you.

We advance toward Peace on Earth - one man, one woman, one child, one act of kindness, one pure act of "giving" as we go.
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